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Night of Baths Budapest Gellert Furdo
Night of Baths Budapest Gellert Furdo

Night of Baths Festival Budapest

Night of Baths Party Festival Budapest: try more thermal baths in Budapest in a party night, at a discount price.

Night of Bath Festival Budapest

Night of Baths Budapest Gellert Furdo

Night of Baths Budapest Gellert Furdo

The bath festival of Budapest is fun, colorful, unique, and some baths can get quite crowded on this night (e.g. Szechenyi Bath or Rudas Bath). The exact day of the 2013 Night of Baths Budapest Festival has not been confirmed yet. It will probably be on April 6, 2013, though it has been traditionally organized in the late winter months, February or March in Budapest. As for 2014, all we can say is: who knows? Feb, March, April?

Thermal Baths in Budapest that participate in the Night of Baths event are the state owned thermal spa baths in the city

Szechenyi Bath the all time number 1 and best Budapest bath, a huge palace with 21 pools (3 pools outside, 3 pools for patients prescribed to spring water therapy, 15 pools for all)
Rudas Bath the cool factor mixed with Turkish
Gellert Bath a fantastic building, wonderful spa treatments and baths
Kiraly Bath a quirky Turkish bath from the 16th century, not restored for many decades, which adds a layer of communism to the Turkish architecture and atmosphere. Some say it’s part of its appeal.
Lukacs Bath a less known, less special bath, but still beautiful, locals’ favorite

Bath Party Events in Budapest

Budapest bath parties are often organized during the winter, spring and autumn months too, as the hot water natural spring wells keep the bathers body well protected in colder weather too.

Parties in Baths, Budapest from June to September

Szechenyi Bath: Szecska Spa Bath Parties, aka Sparties

Parties in Baths, Budapest from March to November

Lukacs Bath:  Magic Bath Party Budapest

Parties in Baths, Budapest on Special Days

New Year Budapest Bath Party (on or around New Year, usually some time between Dec 29 and Jan 2)

2013 Dates of Budapest Bath Parties

  • March 2, 2013
  • March 9, 2013
  • March 16, 2013
  • March 23, 2013
  • March 30, 2013
  • April 6, 2013
  • April 13, 2013
  • April 20, 2013

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