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TED Talks TedX events Budapest
TED Talks TedX events Budapest

TED Talks Budapest – TedX in Hungary

One of the outstanding venues of the TED Talks is in Budapest, Hungary: in fact there are multiple locally initiated TED events, from  TEDxDanubia through TEDxCEU to TEDxBudapest. Each edition promises to be a thought-provoking event, as TED talks should be, challenging the way we try to picture our global present times and future times, options, trends, virtual and actual realities.

If you are seeking some TED events in Budapest, Hungary, check out the internal search box on the official TED website (unfortunately the events are not enlisted according to recent events, so once you see the list of TED Budapest programs, please run an on page search with the year you are looking for to narrow down the options)

TedxDanubia Budapest Geek Festival

TedxDanubia Budapest Geek Festival

The presenters change each year, former presenters included

  • Benjamin Allanach, University of Cambridge theoretical physics, CERN researcher,
  • Brian David Johnson, future researcher at Intel,
  • Al Ghaoui Hesna editor, reporter, war journalist,
  • Zsolt Erőss Hungarian mountaineer
  • Aubrey De Grey life extension researcher, promoter
  • and many more!

Dates: please check the official website for upcoming dates here.
Venue: the venues vary according to the topic, availability, budget of TEDx events, e.g. Urania Film Theater, CEU, BME University, etc. Budapest

These are really nerdy/ geeky events in the best sense of the word, so if interested, take a look at some more geek things to do in Budapest.

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