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Hungarian Jazz Festival Budapest Jazz Club
Hungarian Jazz Festival Budapest Jazz Club

Hungarian Jazz Festival Budapest

Jazz is more and more growing in Hungary, as are jazz events, concerts, clubs and bars. The annual Hungarian Jazz Festival takes place in Budapest, scheduled close to the Budapest Spring Festival, which attracts many visitors from abroad with its colorful programs, and rich events. The organizer of the event is the Hungarian Jazz Federation.

Hungarian Jazz Festival Budapest Jazz Club

Hungarian Jazz Festival Budapest Jazz Club

The festival is showing and showcasing some of the best Hungarian jazz musicians, bands, composers in a three day jazz extravaganza. The base of the jazz festival is the Budapest Jazz Club, one of the leading jazz venues in the city.

Program – subject to change every year
Dates: March & April annually
Venues: Budapest Jazz Club

Other jazz festivals also take place in Budapest with varied venues, e.g. Béla Bartók Secondary School Jazz Department, Franz Liszt Academy of Music Jazz Department Budapest, Budapest

More jazz events:

Jazz Club at Budapest Music Center

Date note: The date of the Hungarian Jazz Festival is not fixed. Please check the upcoming dates for your concerts.


  1. Andrew McFarlane

    HI, does anyone know if there is a website that lists upcoming jazz concerts in Bp. I’m coming in June and really want to hear some! Can be in Hungarian! Thanks!

    • Festival Budapest

      Hello Andrew, there are very nice jazz clubs and bars in Budapest I think and the upcoming jazz concerts are usually listed on their websites, like the New Orleans Jazz Bar, the Budapest Jazz Club, the Wine Bar Jazz Club, Opus Jazz Club – these bars and clubs feature lots of jazz concerts (the settings vary, but usually smart casual clothing should be fin)! Further jazz concerts on a more occasional basis can be on A38 Music Bar (a ship by Petofi Bridge), or in Akvarium Club, and at some festivals and music events (sorry, no special listing at this moment in June). More serious jazz concerts (international, higher prices) are at the Palace of Arts in Budapest (MUPA) and the Budapest Music Center (next the Great Market Hall in Budapest)
      Here are some links to the jazz concerts (Hungarian, foreign too)
      http://www.bjc.hu/hu/koncertnaptar.html Budapest Jazz Club Concert Calendar
      http://opusjazzclub.hu/koncertek Opus Jazz Club Concerts
      http://mupa.hu/en/program/world-music-jazz-popular-music/ Palace of Arts Calendar of Jazz and World Music Concerts
      http://www.neworleans.hu/musor/ New Orleans Jazz Club and Varietee (many of the programs are not jazz concerts, so please contact them to find out if they recommend the event for jazz fans or not)
      The Wine Bar Jazz Club may not re-open yet (currently they are moving places) You can contact them at info@winebar.hu

  2. Festival Budapest

    Hello Mansour, this is a Budapest festival guide, and each festival in Budapest has its own festival organizer or organizing team. Please contact the organizers of the festival that best suits your profile. If it is jazz, please check the Hungarian Jazz Festival organizers, or contact BJC (Budapest Jazz Club) on bjc.hu for further guidance.

  3. I am organizing a trip for my female jazz student for March 2015. Can you tell me if the jazz festival is at the end of March each year and if there is any way we could be part of the festival when we come? Thank you!

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