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Hungarian Food Fair: Handmade Flavors

The Hungarian Handmade Flavors Fair in Budapest is a lovely and yummy food festival, which is a real treat if you love high quality, home made flavors. Is there anyone who doesn’t? Meat eaters and vegetarians, healthy bites and sinful pleasures are all on display at the popular Hungarian Food Festival, which is officially known as Kezmuves Izek Vasara.

Hungarian Handmade Flavors Fair Budapest Food Festival

Hungarian Handmade Flavors Fair Budapest Food Festival

2013 Hungarian Handmade Flavors Festival

Hungarian Foods to taste and try, and even buy: Fried sausages, Cold sausages, Hams, Soups, Stews, Vegetable dishes, Pastas, Salads, Sandwiches, Sweet Desserts, Wines, Palinkas, Home-baked bread loaves and bakery products, and more.

The 2013 March edition of the Hungarian Flavours Festival is called Gastro Fair (Gasztropiac). This is the fifth fair in the series, which has been very popular amongst locals and tourists alike. The setting is the pleasant landscaped gardens and contemporary halls of the Millenaris Park on the Buda side, a downhill walk from the Buda Castle Hill.

Foods / Wines / Palinkas / Crafts / Concerts

These are the keywords for the gastro event, which should not be missed if your Budapest visit is in March or November, the two regular dates of the craft food festival.

See some videos of the previous Hungarian Handmade Flavors Fair festivals to get some ideas about what it is like.

A list of foods and drinks at the food festival in Budapest Millenaris Park

Fried sausages:
– The country apple sausage with mustard
– Core spicy sausage with mustard
– Gray beef sausage
– Raspberry duck sausage with mustard
– Goose sausage with onion jam
Cold sausages:
– Grey beef sausage with prune
– Pomázi Kolbászmanufaktura traditional pork sausages
– Mangalica Sausage Sausages
Ham – Smoked mangalicasonka parasztkenyéren, onion házitejföllel
– Marinated venison ham with short crust pastry basket with red wine cranberry sauce
– Smoked gray beef sirloin with onion ham, ham bread root (2)
Cheese – Grilled Cheese Grilled cheese with paprika
– Bükk gratin vegetables in cheese sauce
– Guard cheese taster s joint? Zmuves sajttal2
Soups – Served Csicsókakrémleves rozscipóban
– Grilled carp fish soup with milk
– Tarragon kacsaraguleves
– Grey Beef stew fish
Vegetable dishes – buttered peas stew bélszínrolóval
– Creamy céklafőzelék malaccsászárral
– Spinach with garlic cream sauce gomolyasajtos bundáskenyérrel fozelek2
Stew – Pork knuckle tripe stew peasant bread
– Beef stew with red wine and homemade noodles gray
– Farm mini cheese dumplings stewed chicken with garnish
– Catfish stew with hominy stew with ewe
Pasta – Creamy garlic and crawfish pasta screw by turning
– Sour cream, ham and boiled egg Mangalica nib pasta
– Pumpkin seed oil, parsley, chili tie pasta
Home-baked bread served with multi-core fish fish bites:
– Pisztrángkaviáros lemon
– Smoked salmon with apple horseradish cream
– Szilvásváradi smoked trout with sour cream and chives
– Zala crayfish with green pea purée
Fried in butter mini Cutlets:
– Blue catfish and carp halak2
Salad – Celery and apple salad with smoked quail egg
– Color cabbage salad, homemade yogurt, gray beef frankfurters
– Duck Breast with Caesar Salad
– Salad Hungarian handmade cheeses, salads diószórással
Sandwich – Fried eggs marhahátszínsonkával
– Handicraft Flavors appetizer (cheese, pork, cracklings, smoked foie gras, salami) szendvicsek2
Sweets – Rákóczi cottage now
– Sponge cake cup dessert Dumplings
– Dobos Cake Bites
– Artisan Ice Cream edessegek2
Wines – St Andrea
– Peter Vida
– Akos Kamocsai
– Otto Légli
– Gere
– Bock
– John Frittman
– Zoltán Demeter
– Stephen Szepsy

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