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Hungarian Folk Dance Festival

Hungarian Folk Dance Festival & Fair in Sports Arena: March 30-31, April 1, 2013. As usual, the Magyar Folk Dance Festival is part of the Budapest Spring Festival, making it even more colorful and unique for foreign visitors too. See more festivals in Budapest in March.

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Gala at the Hungarian Folk Dance Gathering

Gala at the Hungarian Folk Dance Gathering

The Magyar Tanchaztalalkozo (Hungarian Folk Dance Festival) is a lively folk event, where most attendants will join the dance groups of various styles and ages, including children, youths, men, women, elderly people, whoever likes dancing and can dance! This is a very kid friendly event, so do bring your children, and let them learn some Hungarian folk steps too. We love to dance with children in circles, which makes them less shy to join.

Hungarian crafts are sold at the stalls in the Arena, which is filled with folk dance lovers from all over Hungary and from the neighboring countries where Hungarian ethnic groups live in large numbers, like Transylvania, Slovakian villages, Ukrainian villages, etc.

The Hungarian Folk Dance Festival is mostly aimed at locals, not meant for tourists, but you are welcome to join for sure. Do not expect to sit back and watch shows, or touristy programs. The festival encourages everyone to actively participate and dance. Put on your dancing shoes, and come to the gathering.


  1. georgia kutaisi ensambl bagrati

    Dear folklore friends
    We are Folk Dance Ensemble BAGRATI from Georgia.
    We want to participate in your festival.2017

    • Hello,

      thank you for your interest. For requests to participate , we usually recommend contacting the organisers (the Danube Folk Dance Festival in Budapest is organised by Duna Karneval / Duna Art). The email address: dunaart [at ] t-online.hu.
      Good luck and have a great time in Hungary!

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